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 General Third-Party Contribution Process

 0. Preamble
The Zaval CE promotes the development of the creative software - i.e. the software created under the process, which facilitate and exploit human's creative spirit to the full potential. The works of the Zaval CE in the area of creating the environment and work process that promotes new ideas and fresh solutions is published on the site of the Zaval CE Group.

The Zaval CE is pleased to invite all other individuals to participate, improve, extend and expand the principles of the technological creativity by means of submitting new ideas to the process, as well as developing and publishing the ideas under the rules of the Zaval CE.

 1. Eligibility
Any software developer with relevant skills in the technology, programming language, or other person with reasonably adequate IT-industry related skills is eligible to submit a piece of work and make it available for publishing under the terms of the GPL v.2 and gather contributions under the terms of the Zaval Creative ProcessTM.

   1.1. Unit of Work Definition
The term "unit of work" under this specification describes the combination of the source code in any programming language, documentation, written documents, images, binary streams or any combination of thereof, which is capable of fulfilling some useful purpose and is intended for some use. The unit of work contains at least the author. The author of the unit of work is the final judge on all matters that relate to this unit.

The unit of work is considered to be valid for a submission only in a case when it can execute all functions claimed by the author and which reasonably literate person can reproduce.
   1.2. Source code contribution policy
Each product, project, likewise any other object within the control of the Zaval CE Group activities can be tagged either open-for-contributions or closed-for-contributions. If not tagged explicitly, the object is open for submissions. Open for source code submission objects accept contributions as described later.

Objects that are tagged as closed for source code contributions are developed and maintained in terms of source code solely by the object author(s). Such projects accept information submission (like a bug report), but submitted source code is always discarded.

 2. Submission
The submission is the prepared set of the binary and source code, as well as a bundle of accompanying documentation and other possible supplements, which are necessary for a unit of work to perform its functions properly. The submission has preferred to be transferred as a ZIP, RAR, or TAR.GZ single file to the Zaval CE server.

The submission of the unit of work, as defined earlier in this document, must be done using electronic communication form that assures at least:
  1. the sender identity;
  2. date of the transfer;
  3. response from the receiving party that a submission has been received;
At the moment the following submission means may be used:
  1. Electronic mail;
  2. FTP upload (available for members of the Zaval Team only);
  3. Zaval JUpload Center (will be available soon);
All submissions via electronic mail should be sent directly to the email addresses that reside on the All other submissions are not recommended on the basis that alternative means may not offer enough reliability or may not warrantee enough credentials of sender and receiving party.

 3. Acceptance
The Founders or other respective committee, functioning within the Zaval CE, will be in charge of reviewing the unit of work. We may reject the submission on the either or the combination of the matters, including but not limited to, as follows:
  1. The unit of work is a duplication, simplification, or remake of a well-known branded software. See also clause [c];
  2. The unit of work is not functional; at least the reveiwers failed to excersize the functions of the unit of work as claimed based on the documentation supplied with the unit;
  3. The unit of work is a clone of the software, developed either by other authors, or the original piece of software may be protected by copyright or other acts;
  4. The piece of work is not useful, or otherwise does not comply with the basic ideas behind the activities of the Zaval CE;
Should the reviewing panel reject the submission, it must give the reasoning, why it has rejected it. The reviewing committee may return the unit of work to the author for additional improvements and corrections.


 4. Publishing Rules
The unit of work is published on the Zaval CE site when it has been finally accepted as a compliant to the Zaval CE requirements and all respective software-accompanying information has been completed. Namely, the planning and quality assurance division of the Zaval CE must provide the following information:
  1. Quality policy, manual or equivalent documentation that describes why the unit of work possesses the adequate quality and is reliable enough;
  2. Software Accompanying Documentation: the test plan report, conducted by the quality assurance department of the Zaval CE;

 5. Copyrights and Legal Information
The Zaval CE warrantees that it under no circumstances will distribute the submitted units of work to any person or organization in any jurisdiction other than under the terms of the GPL v.2. Zaval CE warrantees that the author of the unit of work retains all intellectual rights to the unit of work.