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All tasks can be splitted into two parts. These are intelectual jobs and automated jobs. The software development process contains the activities of both types.

The Zaval CE Team is oriented to automate all non-intellectual jobs found in Zaval CE Team activities. For example, there are repeatable tests, code generation, projects maintenance, coding standard analysis and so on. The second important part of Zaval CE activities in brief can be described as to find way to convert part of intellectual jobs to the possibly automated jobs by the computer based calculations and modelling.

Intellectual activities conversion is based upon technology and organizational parts:
  • The methodology based requirements are described in Process and Methodology section. These actions helps the automated tools to manipulate modules and functions in source code.
  • The technology part contains theory of intellectual task solving, behavioral and stream code description form conversions, and mathemathical analysis.
These points add strong limitations to the platform and language specific operations provided by all imperative programming languages and techniques. In such cases, Zaval CE Team can use functional languages in research of this situation, but these points are not avoid any usage of imperative languages in Zaval CE Development Process.

Zaval CE Team experimental activities provided by Black Mesa Research Lab have no requirements to the Zaval CE Software in such case, because this techniquie is under a huge construction. The experiments of Black Mesa can be treated as recommendations only. The experimental pieces are published under general software if successful results are achieved and software may be applied to producing something necessary.

For more information about our standard details, please contact the Zaval CE Team for Research and Technology information in a free form.

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