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 Zaval GUI Designer Package (GDP)
Zaval GUI Designer Package is a set of components that allow to control size, location, cursor type for the Java AWT/Swing components. Actually, the components are Java AWT events listeners that have no GUI part. Package usage is very simple: it is necessary to create appropriate component controller and set the specified Java GUI component as the target for the controller. At the moment the GUI component in your hands!

The list below shows the basic components of the Zaval GUI Designer Package with short descriptions:

Shape controller
The component allows control size and location for the specified Java AWT/Swing component. There is a problem that is bound with implementation Java AWT components. The AWT Component are not light weight, actually the AWT components are set of wrapper classes over native components (Windows GUI for example), so the controller does not work correctly for all AWT components, it is very difficult to implement such controller. Use designer controller described below as the more universal size and location controller.

Cursor controller
Using the component it is possible to customize cursor type for the specified scomponent depending the mouse cursor location.

Drag and drop controller
The controller provides more easy way to handle drag and drop event.

Designer controller
The component is more complex variation of the shape controller component, but it provides more universal way to manage size and location for the specified GUI component.

The package requires JDK 1.1.x or higher and can be used inside Java applets or application and of course the "trade mark" of the Zaval CE Group products is products size - the core is less 25 Kb in jar file!

 The target aim is more global !
The project has just started and as it had been described in previous chapter there are only four basic components. No doubt, that the usage of the components can be useful for everybody, but the target aim of the project is more complex and impressive: Zaval CE Group plans to provide full-scale, On-Line Java GUI forms designer that is going to include:
  • Forms designer;
  • Code generator and analyzer;
  • GUI Component properties inspector;
  • and more...
The designer is available as an applet for everybody.

 Support and contacts
All support activities, branch versioning, and custom software modifications are available for the Zaval GUI Design Package as they are specified by the General Maintenance and Support Policy of the Zaval CE Group.

The focus of the Zaval CE Group in the area of Java GUI development is oriented at the LwVCL, GDP and the XmVCL Projects. (The XmVCL project is the eXtension Media Visual Component Library is the blend of sound and Java Advanced Imaging, built as an extension to LwVCL.) Contributions of new components, API's, and other modifications from third parties are possible under terms of the General Third-Party Contribution Process after completing quality assurance protocol.

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The Zaval CE Group.