Uses of Interface

Packages that use MatrixModel Different interfaces and classes used for data representation. 
org.zaval.lw.grid This is set of classes to implement the light weight grid and tree grid components. 

Uses of MatrixModel in

Classes in that implement MatrixModel
 class Matrix
          This class is implementation of MatrixModel interface and it used to organize matrix-like structures.

Uses of MatrixModel in org.zaval.lw.grid

Classes in org.zaval.lw.grid that implement MatrixModel
 class LwTreeGrid
          This is light weight tree grid component.

Methods in org.zaval.lw.grid that return MatrixModel
 MatrixModel LwGrid.getModel()
          Gets the data model.

Methods in org.zaval.lw.grid with parameters of type MatrixModel
 void LwGrid.setModel(MatrixModel d)
          Sets the data model.
 void LwTreeGrid.setModel(MatrixModel m)
          Sets the matrix model.

Constructors in org.zaval.lw.grid with parameters of type MatrixModel
LwGrid(MatrixModel data)
          Constructs the component with the specified data model.

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