Uses of Interface

Packages that use LwContainer
org.zaval.lw This is basic package of the light weight library. 
org.zaval.lw.event Different events related to the light weight components. 
org.zaval.lw.grid This is set of classes to implement the light weight grid and tree grid components. 

Uses of LwContainer in org.zaval.lw

Subinterfaces of LwContainer in org.zaval.lw
 interface LwComposite
          This interface provides ability for a container to control child input events component delivery.
 interface LwDesktop
          This interface is top-level container for all other lightweight components.
 interface LwLayer
          This layer interface is a special container that is used as the LwDesktop children.

Classes in org.zaval.lw that implement LwContainer
 class LwActContainer
          This class can be used for creating light weight containers that: Wants to have focus. Has a special child component that can be selected with rectangle frame if the container has focus (use setAsFocusComponent method to define the child component.
 class LwBaseLayer
          This layer class is basic implementation of the layer interface
 class LwBlankDialog
          This class is "template" window component that can be used as the dialog window with the different content.
 class LwBorderPan
          This is lightweight component that can be used to organize border panel.
 class LwButton
          This is button component, that is a composite component, so it is possible to use any other component as the button label.
 class LwCheckbox
          The class represents a switching GUI componenent that can have one of two states: "on" or "off".
 class LwColorPanel
          This panel provides ability to cutomize color using different ways : By the specifying RGB color components in the text fields. By the specifying RGB color components using sliders. By the selecting one of the predefined color.
 class LwCombo
          This is combobox component.
 class LwComboList
          This is list component that is supposed to be used as the list of the combobox component.
 class LwFilePanel
 class LwFontPanel
 class LwList
          This is list component.
 class LwMenu
 class LwMenuBar
 class LwNotebook
          This is notebook container.
 class LwPanel
          This is implementation of the light weight container interface that has to be used to develop own light weight containers.
 class LwPopupLayer
 class LwRoot
          This class is a root light weight component that implements LwDesktop interface.
 class LwScroll
          This is scrollbar component.
 class LwScrollPan
          This is scroll panel component.
 class LwSpin
          This is spin light weight component that can be used to input a bound integer value.
 class LwSplitPan
          This split panel component is used to divide the container area into two resizeable areas.
 class LwStatusBar
          This is status bar light weight component.
 class LwWindow
          This class is window lightweight component that can be used as a desktop window.
 class LwWinLayer
          This is housekeeping layer implementation that is used by LwRoot class as the internal windows container.

Methods in org.zaval.lw that return LwContainer
 LwContainer LwWindow.getRoot()
          Gets the root container.
 LwContainer LwApplet.getRoot()
          Gets the root light weight component that has to be used as a top-level container for other light weight components.
 LwContainer LwFrame.getRoot()
          Gets the root light weight component that has to be used as a top-level container for other light weight components.

Methods in org.zaval.lw with parameters of type LwContainer
protected abstract  void LwPaintManager.paintOnTop(java.awt.Graphics g, LwContainer c)
          Probably will be redesigned
protected  void LwPaintManImpl.paintOnTop(java.awt.Graphics g, LwContainer c)
static int LwToolkit.getDirectCompAt(int x, int y, LwContainer p)
          Returns the immediate child component at the specified location of the parent component.

Uses of LwContainer in org.zaval.lw.event

Methods in org.zaval.lw.event that return LwContainer
 LwContainer LwContainerEvent.getLwParent()
          Gets the container where the source component has been added or removed.

Constructors in org.zaval.lw.event with parameters of type LwContainer
LwContainerEvent(LwComponent target, LwContainer p, int id)
          Constructs the event object with the specified source object, the parent container and the event id.

Uses of LwContainer in org.zaval.lw.grid

Classes in org.zaval.lw.grid that implement LwContainer
 class LwGrid
          This is light weight grid component.
 class LwTreeGrid
          This is light weight tree grid component.

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